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12670 O.S. 25AX ABL w/Muffler
28 febrero, 2017
14000 O.S. .37 SZ-H Ringed
28 febrero, 2017

12955 O.S. .32 SX-H Heli ABN

$ 3,100.00

Heatsink head similar to .61 SX-H.
ABN construction-Aluminum piston with a Brass and Nickel cylinder plating.
Larger bore carb (#20C).
Same crankshaft configuration as the .61SX-H, with a nylon retainer rear bearing.
Stronger rear bearing, bigger crankpin, and bigger piston increase durability.

One Assembled .32 SX-H Helicopter Engine w/Drive Washer.


Displacement: .319
Bore: .768 in.
Stroke: .689 in.
RPM range: 2,000-22,000 RPM
Output: 1.2hp / 17,000 RPM
Weight: 10.23oz

Glow plug (O.S. #8 will work well, #OSMG2691).
Fuel with 10-30%  nitromethane and 18% (minimum) oil content.
Muffler: For the Concept 30s, use OSMG2825 or HMXE3000.
For the Nexus kits, use HMXE3007.
Excellent fit in the Concept 32VR (the recoil version will NOT fit in the 32VR).


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