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Kyosho Calmato Alpha 40 Trainer Red/Blue EP/GP
9 diciembre, 2016
AquaCraft Cajun Commander Brushless RTR
10 diciembre, 2016

AquaCraft 1/72 US Fletcher Class Destroyer ARR

$ 20,400.00


Hull: Prepainted and detailed fiberglass
Drive: Solid shaft with brass stuffing boxes
Motors: 550 size brushed, prewired and installed
Propellers: Two counter rotating
Stand: Wooden
Warranty: Ninety day limited warranty through Hobby Services
beginning at date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage
caused by crashes abuse, misuse, alterations or accidents


US Fletcher Class Destroyer Kit with two Motors, two Props, Wooden
Stand and Instructions


Radio: 2-4 channel
Radio Option 1, Tactic TTX490
The Tactic TTX490 is a 4-ch system that has a spring loaded left
stick that automatically sets the throttle each time boat is
turned on

Radio Option 2, Tactic TTX650
The Tactic TTX650 is a 6-ch system that allows user to set throttle
on ch-2 for spring loaded throttle, or ch-3 for ratcheting throttle

Battery Option 1, allows for up to one hour run time
Battery: Two 6-cell NiMH with Dean’s Plugs
Parallel Adapter: One GPMM3142

Battery Option 2, allows for over one hour of run time
Four 6-cell NiMH with Dean’s Plugs
Parallel Adapter: Three GPMM3142

Battery Charger: To match selected batteries
Electronic Speed Control: DTXM1059
Battery Harness Adapter: GPMM3131
Cooling Fan: DTXC4605
Parallel Adapter: GPMM3142
Double Sided Tape: DTXR1215
Assembly and shore equipment


Hull Length: 62.75″ (1593mm)
Width: 6.5″ (165mm)
Height: 16.5″ (419mm)
Weight: 12.75lbs (5.78kg) max RTR
Run Time: 60 minutes on recommended batteries


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