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AquaCraft SuperVee 27R Brushless 2.4GHz RTR
20 febrero, 2017
AquaCraft Mini Thunder Hydroplane RTR
20 febrero, 2017

AquaCraft Nitro Hammer GP Vee RTR

$ 6,700.00

This is the Nitro Hammer RTR Radio Controlled Nitro Powered Deep Vee Boat by AquaCraft.

Virtually everything is installed or assembled.
Includes a boat stand and a video that shows how to break in and  maintain the included .15 Marine engine with recoil.
Fuelproof fiberglass hull and deck are prejoined, and factory-finished.
Each color corresponds to a different radio frequency, and all  are protected by a tough Gel Coating.
AquaCraft engine is a true ABC engine, with dual bearings, and a two needle carburetor. Glow plug, manifold, tuned pipe, and engine break-in video included.
The receiver and servos for the AquaCraft 2-channel radio are pre-installed. The radio is made by Futaba, the #1 name in R/C radios.
The radio has adjustable steering rates, trims, servo reversing, a battery monitor, charge jack and a light and well balanced feel.

Ready to Run Nitro Hammer GP Deep Vee boat, with radio, boat stand, 2-channel AM Pistol Style 75MHz radio, .15 Marine Engine w/recoil with header and tuned pipe, and engine break-in video.


  • 20% Glow Fuel
  • Glow Starter
  • 12 “AA” batteries for the radio.


Length: 24″ (610mm)
Beam: 8.75″ (220mm)


The hull color of each boat is different depending on radio channel;
AQUB2662White          AQUB2670 Yellow
AQUB2664 Blue           AQUB2672 Gray
AQUB2668 Red            AQUB2674 Orange

From the Research & Development Department.

What to use for hull repairs. The Nitro Hammer boat has a gel coat on the outside of the  hull. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF AUTOMOTIVE FIBERGLASS RESIN TO DO ANY REPAIRS TO THE HULL. IT IS TOO STRONG TO USE AND COULD  RESULT IN A DAMAGED HULL.

It was suggested to use Epoxy (GPMR6043) mixed with micro balloons (TOPR1090). Mix together, apply to damaged part of the hull, smooth out, let cure and wet sand if needed for a good smooth solid repair.


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