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26 abril, 2017
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26 abril, 2017

Dubro Kwik-Klip III Glow Plug Starter w/Charger

$ 790.00

This is a Kwik Klip III Glo-Starter with Charger.
This is used to heat a glow plug while the glow engine is being started.


Shaft length of 1″ for easy to reach glow plugs.
Charger has a red LED light that indicates charging mode.
Aluminum ignitor klip has threaded cap for easy access to the battery
Red rubber cap for ignitor to prevent shorting.


One Kwik-Klip Ignitor
One AC Charger
One Sanyo 1300SC 1.2V Battery


Input Charger Voltage: 110V AC (US Standard)
Charge Rate: 125mAh, 1.5V
Shaft Length: 1-1/4″
Overall Length: 4″


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