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24 enero, 2017
E-Flite Inverza 280 BNF Basic
27 enero, 2017

Heli-Max MD-530 Flybarless 2.4GHz RTF

$ 2,600.00

See it up close, check out details such as the LED lights, panel lines and hidden battery compartment, and it’s obvious that no other heli this size offers the scale realism of the multi-purpose MD-530. A fixed pitch, flybarless rotor head makes it more agile than co-axial helis, but easier to control than collective pitch models. A “TAGS” 3-axis gyro keeps the MD-530 flying smooth and steady, whether it’s outdoors in a light wind or indoors in a living room or garage. Both the RTF and Tx-R versions feature SLT compatibility and come with a 3.7 V 150 mAh Lipo flight battery and USB-compatible charger.
-TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization) stabilizes the heli on three axes
-A simple, durable flybarless rotor head offers greater efficiency, easier control and a wide performance range
-All other onboard equipment – including a motor, ESC, digital rotary drive servos and SLT receiver – is factory-installed for convenience
-RTF includes a 2.4 GHz radio with SLT, digital trims and beginner and expert modes.

-Rotor Diameter: 239 mm
-Weight with Battery: 45 g
-Length: 208 mm

RTF Includes:
-The assembled MD-530
-4-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter, with SLT, digital trims, beginner & expert modes, mode1 (convertible into mode2)
-TAGS (Triple Axis Gyro Stabilization)
-Installed motor, ESC, servos & SLT receiver
-1S 3.7 V 150 mAh LiPo battery
-USB-compatible LiPo charger
-4 “AA” batteries

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