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Hobbico NexSTAR Mini 2.4GHz EP RTF 44″
16 febrero, 2017
Hobbico NexSTAR 46 Trainer ARF .46, 68.8″
16 febrero, 2017

Hobbico SuperStar 40 MonoKote ARF .35-.46, 60″

$ 3,100.00

This is a Superstar 40 MonoKote Covered, Almost-Ready-to-Fly Trainer Airplane.
This is Designed for the Beginner Modeler Having a Large Flat-Bottom Wing for
Increased Lift and Stability, and a Thick Leading Edge to Help Prevent and
Smooth Out Stalls.


All Necessary Hardware, Wire Landing Gear, Fuel Tank,
Nylon Engine Mount (HCAG3735), CA Hinges, Wheel Collars, Step-By-Step
Instructions, Pre-Covered Fuselage, Wing, Tail Set, Pushrods,
2¼” Spinner (GPMQ4515).


Fuselage is Pre-Covered and Pre-Assembled Sheeted Box Style
Wing is Pre-Covered Ribbed Balsa with Flat Bottom Airfoil
Tail Sections are Solid Balsa and is Pre-Covered
90% Pre-Assembled, All Wood, Almost-Ready-to-Fly Kit
15 to 20 Hours Assembly Time


Wingspan: 60″ Fuel Tank: 10.5oz
Wing Area: 660 sq. in. Wing Loading: 19oz per sq foot
Fuselage Length: 50″ Weight: 5.5lbs
Center of Gravity: 3 – 3.5″ (71 – 89mm) from leading edge of wing
measured at the fuselage side
Airfoil: Flat-Bottom High-Wing


Engine: .35-.46 (2-stroke)
Radio: 4 Channel w/4 Standard Servos
Misc. Items: Foam Rubber, Rubber Bands, Fuel Tubing,
Screw Lock Connectors, Building and Field Equipment.


If a replacement fuel tank is needed, order the Sullivan 8oz
tank (SULQ1739), or the DuBro 8oz tank (DUBQ0208).
Some minor trimming and modifications may be required.


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