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Blade 450 X BNF (S/radio)
13 mayo, 2015

Kyosho 1/8 Mad Force Kruiser Truck 2.0 RTR

$ 13,800.00

Go ballistic with rigid axle 4WD
3-speed A/T + 25-class engine power!
3-speed automatic transmission and rigid axle combine with massive 160mm diameter tires to power this heavy-duty shaft-drive 4WD chassis over the roughest terrain with sure-footed confidence. Also, the long wheelbase and low down suspension combine to deliver superior mid to high range speed performance and the new KE25 engine and its welded manifold and tuned muffler polished to a stunning gleam realize both ease of use and high power output. From tarmac to the roughest off-road, the KRUISER is easy to control over any type of surface. And it is available full pre-assembled in a Readyset package including the advanced 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P R/C system that eliminates the need for frequency bands. In addition to the full setting options available on the transmitter, the KR-331 receiver features a failsafe function that throttles down in the event the radio signal is lost or interrupted. With the Kruiser’s advanced design and performance features, the excitement of monster truck action is in your hands!

•Fully assembled Readyset just needs fuel and batteries to run.
•3-speed A/T delivers maximum effectiveness from the powerband.
•Rigid front and rear axles with solid casing realize effective traction transfer.
•Large capacity 150cc fuel tank enables long run times.
•New design knuckles expand steering angle.
•Pre-cut and pre-painted body is complete with decals applied.
•Rear differential equipped with strengthened steel bevel gears.
•Radio box protects R/C components from dust and dirt.
•Big unidirectional pneumatic rubber tires.
•Interchangeable front and rear suspension arms provide efficient parts utilization for maintenance.
•Long wheelbase and low down suspension realize dynamic rough road performance with rock-solid straight line stability and cornering speed.

Readyset Contents
•Factory assembled chassis with R/C linkage setup complete
•Pre-cut and pre-painted body complete with decals applied
•Pre-installed 2.4GHz Synchro KT-231P R/C system
•Fuel Bottle
•Plug Heater
•Cross Wrench
•Hex Wrench
NOTE: Fuel, AA-size alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter & receiver, D-size batteries x 2 for glow plug heater are all sold separately.

Required for Operation
•AA-size alkaline batteries x 4 for R/C system
•D-size batteries x 2 for glow plug heater

Chassis Technical Data
Length 545mm
Width 415mm
Height 245mm
Wheelbase 360mm
Tread (F/R) 310mm / 310mm
Tire (F/R)
F160×100mm / F160×100mm
Gear Ratio 25.7/19.8/15.6:1
Weight 4,100g (approx.)
Engine KE25 with Recoil Starter

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