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Sig Somethin’ Extra Kit
16 febrero, 2017
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16 febrero, 2017

Sig Rascal Kit

$ 2,680.00

Now and then an airplane comes along with such classic graceful lines that it has an almost magical effect on pilots. A perfect combination of form and function. The Sig R/C Rascal is that kind of model! This design is right out of the early days of full scale and model aviation. Great looks, outstanding flight performance, and real versatility make the Rascal just about the sweetest design you’ve ever flown.

A Marvel of Modern Kit Engineering!

The R/C Rascal is almost completely laser-cut, allowing you to assemble this airplane quickly and accurately. The unique wing structure, possible only with laser cutting technology, makes the beautiful and efficient elliptical wing planform really easy to build. The quality Sig balsa and plywood parts have been factory graded for proper weight and strength. Full-size plans leave nothing to the imagination and the complete, fully illustrated instruction manual takes you quickly through each step. Scale-like decals, a full-color instrument panel graphic and a beautiful set of molded wheel pants give the R/C Rascal that subtle look of Authenticity. This kit is literally fun to build!

Electric or Glow – it’s your choice!
The R/C Rascal is designed to be powered by either a geared Speed 400 electric motor or a .049 -.07 glow engine. The plans and instruction manual cover both installations in detail.


Wingspan 49 in 1245 mm
Wing Area 324 in² 21 dm²
Power See Electric/Glow
Weight See Electric/Glow
Control 3-Channel (Rudder, Elevator, Throttle)

Electric Powered Version

The electric version of the R/C Rascal is truly an outstanding performer. Using just seven cells, typical flight times can easily exceed ten minutes every time. Find a little thermal lift and those flight times can get outrageous!

Motor: MAXX Speed 400 Motor and Gear Drive Unit
Speed Control: BEC Speed Controller capable of handling at least 8 cells
Battery Pack: 7-Cell Battery Pack, KR-600AE cells
Battery Charger: must be capable of handling at least 8 cells
Actual Flying Weight: 22 – 24oz (624 – 680g), including weight of 7-cell battery pack

Glow Powered Version

The glow engine version, using one of today’s modern .049 – .07 R/C glow engines, makes the R/C Rascal one of the finest flying models of its size that you’ve ever flown!

Engine: .049 – .07 in³ (.3 – .45 cm³) R/C Engine
Fuel Tank: Sullivan 2-Ounce Slant Fuel Tank
Fuel Tubing: SIG Medium Heat-Proof Silicone Fuel Tubing (SIGSH645)
RX Battery Pack: 250 – 300 mAH Receiver Battery Pack
Actual Flying Weight: 18 – 20oz (510 – 567g)


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