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Sig Four-Star 64 EG ARF Red/Yellow
16 febrero, 2017
Sig Rascal Kit
16 febrero, 2017

Sig Somethin’ Extra Kit

$ 2,500.00

The new Sig Four-Star Somethin’ Extra has it all
– good looks, incredible performance, Sig quality balsa and ply construction and every part in the kit is laser-cut!

This kit can literally be built as fast as the modeler can apply CA glue and accelerator. Fantastic flight performance using either 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. The aerobatic capabilities of this model are virtually unlimited due to its thick airfoil section and very light wing loading. A perfect club contest airplane.

Wingspan 51.5 in 1308 mm
Wing Area 614 in² 39.6 dm²
Weight 4.25 – 4.75 lbs 1928 – 2155 g
Wing Loading 15.9 – 17.8 oz./ft² 4852 – 5432 g/m²
Length 48.25 in 1226 mm
Radio Req. 4-Ch w/5 Servos
Engine Req. .40-.46 in³ (6.6-7.5 cm³) 2-Stroke
.56-.65 in³ (9.2-10.7 cm³) 4-Stroke

Kit Features:
100% Laser-cut parts for absolute accuracy and fast building
Famous Sig quality Balsa and Plywood
Complete hardware packages included
Pre-formed and pre-drilled .090 hardened aluminum landing gear
Precision molded plastic wheel pants
Crystal clear molded plastic canopy
Complete instruction manual with photographs for fast easy assembly
Full-size cad-generated plans – rolled
Removable wing panels for easy storage and transport
Based on ultra-light ultra-strong tube system

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