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Syma X8C Venture Quadracopter RTF
23 febrero, 2017
Thunder Tiger Titan X50 3D Kit w/Engine
23 febrero, 2017

Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit

$ 14,750.00

This is the glow powered, Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE R 3D Helicopter Kit with the RL-53H Engine and Blue Color Scheme.  For Advanced to Expert Helicopter Pilots 14 Year of Age and Older.


Control System: 90° Collective Cyclic Pitch Mixing with new design for main rotor hub and mixing lever that delivers +/-15° collective pitch for very fast pitch response.
Autorotation Gear: Constant drive design allows aerobatics during autorotation
Engine: Thunder Tiger RL-53H with ringed piston, push/pull throttle lever and R3 medium hot glow plug
Exhaust: Aluminum hi-flow 3D pipe, black in color
Main Blades: V2 carbon construction 23.6″ (600mm) long
Flapping Damper: Nonlinear for aggressive 3D flying
Tail Drive: Belt type with metal guide pulleys on body and tail
Tail Boom: Aluminum
Body: FRP construction, painted, with decals applied, carbon fiber  look canopy area
Tail Rotor Blades: White plastic
Vertical Fin: 3D design, constructed of carbon
Aileron and Elevator Linkage: Push-pull
Landing Gear: Nylon with aluminum skids
Fuel Tank: 11.5oz (340cc)


ARF Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE R 3D Helicopter Kit with Body, Landing Gear, Fuel Tank and Instruction Manual

Radio: At least 6-channel
Servos: Four standard with digital rudder servo
Gyro: Heading lock
Flight Battery: 4.8V NiMH, at least 1200mAh
Glow Fuel: Heli blend 15-30% nitro content
Starting Shaft: 6mm hex size
Flight Battery: 4.8V 1200mAh NiMH
Electric Starter: 12V .90 size
Remote Glow Starter
Building and field equipment


Fuselage Length: 48.03″ (1220mm)
Fuselage Width: 5.51″ (140mm)
Total Height: 15.75″ (400mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 54.53″ (1385mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.33″ (237mm)
Gear Ratio: 8.5:1:4.56
Fully Equipped Weight: 7.5lbs (3400g)


For Replacement Ball Bearings use:
Qty.    Size                              Location                      Qty.   Bearing
2     8x12mm        R& L Elevator Subassembly       1    DTXC1581
2     4x8mm         Elevator Push/Pull                        1    DTXC1511
4     6x13mm        Rotor Shaft                                     2    DTXC1573
4     5x10mm        Tail Rotor Hub                              2    DTXC1535
2     4x7mm         Tail Pitch Control Lever               2    DTXC1507
4     4x7mm         Flybar Assembly                            2    DTXC1507
1     5x11mm        Tail Idle Pulley                                1    DTXC1547
1     4x7mm         Pitch Push-Pull Lever                    1    DTXC1507

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