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Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit
23 febrero, 2017
11532 O.S. 15LA ABN w/Muffler .15 Airplane Engine
28 febrero, 2017

Thunder Tiger Titan X50 3D Kit w/Engine

$ 14,900.00

This is the radio controlled, glow powered, Titan X50 Torque-Tube 50 Class 3D Helicopter Kit. This version includes a Carbon Fiber Blade Set, RL53H Engine and Hi-flow 3D Muffler.

Tail Drive: Torque tube driven tail rotor for crisp rudder response  and 100% power transfer, lightweight 0.92oz (26g) metal tail case with 6mm transfer shaft
Main Blades: Carbon fiber
Main Shaft: (10mm) hardened steel
Rotor Head: Metal underslung design
Fan: Shrouded for efficient heat dissipation
Canopy: Preprinted fiberglass
Engine: RL53H with hypereutectic machined Al-Si ringed type piston push pull throttle lever and Redline R3 glow plug
Muffler: Hi-flow 3D
Frame Sections: One-piece carbon, slim profile design, only 1.2″ (30mm) wide
Paddles: Lightweight 0.70oz (20g) for high 3D performance
Fuel Tank: 16.2oz (480cc)
Landing Gear: Plastic with aluminum skids
Tail Boom: Compound carbon/aluminum


Titan X50 Torque-Tube 50 Class 3D Heli, Canopy, Main Blades, Fuel Tank, Instruction Manual, RL53H Engine, Glow Plug, 3D Muffler

Radio: At least 6-channel
Servos: Four standard with one digital rudder servo
Gyro: Heading lock
Flight Battery: 4.8V NiMH, at least 1200mAh
Glow Fuel: Heli blend with 15-30% nitro content
Starting Shaft: 6mm hex size
Electric Starter: 12V .90 size
Remote Glow Starter
Building and field equipment


Length: 47.24″ (1200mm)
Width:   7.87″ (200mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 52.95″ (1345mm)
Main Rotor Length: 23.62″ (600mm)
Tail Rotor Length: 3.74″ (95mm)
Gear Ratio: 1:8, 5:4.56
Fully Equipped Weight: 7.16lbs (3250g)


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