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7 febrero, 2017
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Thunder Tiger Victoria Yacht RTR

$ 5,200.00

This is the Ready to Run Victoria Yacht from Thunder Tiger.


Hull: One-piece ABS
Mast and Booms: Lightweight anodized aluminum
Ballast: Low drag hydrodynamic, factory painted
Sails: High performance tear resistant material
Radio: Ace Jaguar T2D AM 27MHz
Stand: Wooden
Warranty: Thunder Tiger guarantees this yacht to be free from defects
in both material and workmanship. This warranty does not cover any
components damaged by use or modification. A part or parts missing
from the kit must be reported within 60 days of purchase. No part
or parts will be sent under warranty without proof of purchase


RTR Victoria Yacht, Radio, Wooden Stand, Sails, Rigging and Instructions.


AA Batteries: 12, eight for transmitter, four for battery box


Length: 30.7″ (779mm)
Mast Height: 42.8″ (1087mm)
Width: 7.7″ (196mm)
Weight: 4.6lb (2100g)


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