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Top Flite P-51D Mustang Kit .60-.90, 65″
16 febrero, 2017
Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt Kit .61-90, 63″
16 febrero, 2017

Top Flite P-40E Warhawk Kit .60-.91, 64″

$ 5,600.00

This is a P-40E Gold Edition Warhawk “WWII Flying Tiger Top Flite Airplane.


Computer-designed, interlocking construction for easy kit assembly.
Vacuum-formed canopy includes molded-in window and framework details.
Operational split flaps
Thirteen vacuum-formed details simplify scale building
A large, molded ABS cowl will fully conceal any engine in the recom-
mended range.
All markings you need to create the model on the box are included on
the three large decal sheets, even the instrument panel decal for
the cockpit (Does NOT include camouflage covering)
Includes extensive hardware such as pushrods, hinges, control horns,
etc…(refer to the guide for hardware that is not included)


All Balsa And Plywood To Build The Kit, Full Size Rolled Plans,
Photo Illustrated Instruction Manual, ABS Cowling and Wing Pods,
Clear Canopy, Nylon Adjustable Engine Mount, Decals, CA Hinges,
Hardware Package, Pre-Bent Wire Landing Gear.


Wingspan: 64″
Wing Area: 697
Wing Loading: 26 to 35oz/sq ft
Length: 54.25″
Weight: 8-10.5lbs
Scale: 1:7
Airfoil: Fully-Symmetrical, Low-Wing
CG: ¼” aft of leading edge at rib 6 ±¼” (rib 6 is the outbrd rib to
which the flap servo is attached, 2nd rib past landing gear pod).
Control Throws: High Rate Low Rate
Elevator: 11/16″ each way 9/16″ each way
Rudder: 1½” each way 1¼” each way
Ailerons: 5/8″ each way ½” each way
Flaps (full down): 1½”


Engine: .60-.91 2-stroke or 90-1.20 4-stroke
Radio: 4-7 Channel (4-8 Servos)
Covering: Two 6-Foot Rolls
Misc. Items: One 16oz Fuel Tank and Fuel Tubing, Two 3¼” Treaded
Wheels, One 1¼” TailWheel, Wheel Collars, One 4″ Spinner for
the P-40, and Assorted Building and Field Equipment.

In-Cowl Header and Muffler: TOPQ7920 Header for O.S. .61SF or .61FX
TOPQ7915 Muffler for Both Headers


Retracts: Robart #615 ROBQ1815 (the only retracts we recommend)
DECALS: P406D01-1 per kit, P406D02-1 per kit and P406D03-1 per kit
are only available from GPM.
P406D01–(1) instrument panel
(2) 6¾” L X 3½” H Yellow, Black, and Blue tigers
(2) 3¾” H Red and White angels
(2) each 3½” H White numbers-6 and 7
P406D02–(4) 6¼” Insignia Blue and White star in circle decals
P406D03–(2) Black, Red and White sharks teeth


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