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Top Flite P-39 Airacobra Kit

$ 3,030.00

The P-39 Airacobra Gold Edition is a WWII,Single Engine Ground Support Airplane. This 1:7 Scale Warbird Boasts Scale Accuracy, Along With The Ease of
Assembly made possible by Gold Edition Engineering.
This Kit Makes A Great Second Kit For Modelers With Excellent Building  Skills Or Third Kit For Modelers Just Starting To Model.

Utilizes Familiar Wood Kit-Building Techniques, Tools and Material.
Large Fuselage Easily Accommodates Radio Gear, Optional Cockpit Kit  and Retract Air Tank.  CAD-Perfected Interlocking Parts Simplify Building and Add Strength, Elliptical Fuselage Builds Flat On The Table, With No Time-Consuming Carving Needed. Includes Many Precision-Formed Scale Details, Such As A Molded  Cowling, Exhaust Ports, Gun and Wing Fairings. One of Few Military Aircraft With a Tricycle Gear Configuration.
Trainer-Like Ground Handling and Smooth, Stable Flight In The Air.
Very Light Weight, Performs Exceptionally Well With Engines at the  Lower End of its Displacement Range.

ABS Vacuum-Formed Cowling, Exhaust Ports, Gun and Wing Fairings,  Clear Canopy, Full-Size Plans, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Book, All Wood To Built The Kit, Decals, Fiberglass Tape, Hardware    Package, Pushrods, 3/16″ Wire Landing Gear.

Engine: .60-.75 (10-12.3cc)(2-stroke) or .70-.91 (11.5-15cc)(4-stroke).
Radio:  4-7 Channel.
Servos: 5-8 Standard (2-Ailerons, 1-Elevator, 1-Rudder, 1-Throttle) Optional (1-Flaps-Bellcrank System).
Y-Harness: 1 for Ailerons.
Servo Extensions: Two 6″ (1-Aileron, 1-Flap), One 24″ (for Battery).
Covering: Three 6 Foot Rolls

Fuelproof Paint: Top Flite LustreKote

Misc. Items: 4″ Main Wheels, 2-1/2″ Nose Wheel, Wheels Collars, Fuel Filler Valve, Medium Fuel Tubing, 12oz Fuel Tank, 3-1/2″ Spinner,  Foam Rubber, Building and Field Equipment, Switch/Charge Mounting  Jack.
Wingspan:        63″ (1600mm)

Fuselage Length: 55.3″ (1405mm)

Wing Loading:    25-31oz/sq ft (76-95g/sq dm

Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical, Low-Wing

Wing Area: 742.8 sq in (47.9sq dm)

Weight: 8-10lbs (3630-4540g)

Scale: 1:7


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